I have built many companies with various business focuses throughout my professional life. Every time, when I dealt with people personally or commercially, I noticed that it is possible to distinguish a talented individual and their attitude, values and own culture through a controlled conversation. Those characteristics are apart from distinctive intelligence also key elements of future success. My know-how has made possible for me to build companies that had great financial and human success. At the same time, I verified that a personnel structured know-how and experience, which helped me in choosing the best and the most successful, grow over the long years. The turn of the century was the moment when I realised during one interview that the connections saved in the linguistic expression of humans and can be replicated by digital algorithms. Due to my previous post-graduate experience from the research of the algorithm of artificial intelligence, I have devoted myself to this problematic completely.

That was the breaking point when I decided as an investor and a creator to put considerable capital into my interdisciplinary basic research. Because of my experience from my post-graduate studies in the major of Cybernetics, I continued in  intensive interdisciplinary education in other fields such as humanities, psychosocial and social sciences.

Connecting knowledge from neuroscientific fields, psychology and sociology have gradually brought a clearer image of what we nowadays call the application of neural networks and artificial intelligence. A mathematical model was being created, a model which can register reality in dynamic virtual space similarly as a human brain. Eventually, I have created a mathematical model of a neural network with specific topology and artificial intelligence.

Such created application can lead a structured personal conversation much more effectively, objectively and with accurate results better than no one could imagine until now. The most important is that real experts and extraordinarily talented people prefer those unique procedures to the classical form of an interview with someone, that they don’t get on mentally and communicatively.

The first pilot customer was MICROSOFT call centre in 2008. Then finally in March 2011, the applicated research with pilot customers was successfully finished with exceptional scientific results. For choice, development and relocation of extraordinary people the company People Global has one and only know-how, unique digital application, bottomless energy, overlap and perspective. “The greatest personal capital is your time and your motivation. These are the true-life capital and not a controlled human source. Your capital and potential have precedence.” (concept author)